About Us

WRB is sort of at a 'toddler' stage as I write this, so unfortunately you won't find any crazy, wild, longstanding traditions or anything of those sorts. 

What I will tell you is that I'm a mom of two daughters and my goodness do we love clothes. I mean, in all reality, I spend most days in a graphic tee and jeans. However, the idea behind WRB was to be able to express myself and my true style. Practicality is important. Comfort is important. But feeling WONDERFUL and CONFIDENT in what you wear is also important. I'd like to think that you can find a variety here- from graphic tees that you can dress up or down depending on the day, and outfits that while stylish, are also still very practical and comfortable for on-the-go women(and children). 

I hope that Wild Roan Boutique will become your one stop shop for all the things- from outfits to accessories and gifts and I'll do my very best to ensure you have a pleasant shopping experience every time.


(PC: Courtney D Photography. Go check her out on Facebook!)